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Spa 1001 Step by step


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The step-by-step plan is a recommendation to achieve the right effect during and after your spa visit. Following this plan exactly is not mandatory, but it is recommended. If you deviate from the time limits and (cooling down) method, heat buildup could occur in your body, causing you to become dizzy or even unwell.

The use of bath slippers is mandatory.
It is also recommended to use the toilet before your Spa visit.


Step 1 | Showering
Hygiene is very important, especially at higher temperatures. Before you enter the sauna or steam bath, start with a warm shower.

Step 2 | Dry
This must be done to allow hot air to reach the skin in the sauna. If you enter the cabin wet, sweating will be prevented. It is also not pleasant for you and your group if the benches get wet.

Step 3 | Saltwater pool (10 minutes)
Swimming gently warms up the muscles and joints and gets blood circulation going. The muscles become warm and the body is well prepared for the Finnish sauna or Turkish steam bath.

Step 4 | Sauna or Steam Cabin (6 – 20 minutes)
The bath slippers remain outside the cabins.

Due to the warmth of the benches (and hygiene), you must sit on your towel in the sauna. Sitting or lying, but with your feet at the same height as your buttocks, so that your body warms up more evenly. The higher you sit, the warmer it gets.

The minimum sauna duration is 6 minutes
to open the pores and activate the sweat glands. Below 6 minutes there is a small risk of heat build-up because the body cannot yet dissipate the absorbed heat.

The maximum recommended time is 15 minutes.
It is best to take a sitting position for the last 2 minutes so that you do not leave the sauna feeling dizzy.

Steam cabin
It is recommended to stay in the steam cabin for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 minutes to achieve the right effect.
The effect of the steam cabin can be compared to that of the sauna. However, the temperature in a steam cabin is lower, partly due to the higher humidity in the steam cabin.

Step 5 | Rinse cold
Pay attention to your breathing and give your lungs enough oxygen.
After steaming, it is best to take a cold shower: starting with your left foot and working your way up slowly. It is very important that it cools down properly!

Step 6 | Hot tub (10 – 20 minutes)
You end with some relaxation in the hot tub. In this way, the cooled body is gradually brought back up to temperature.
If you feel that you are starting to sweat again during the hot tub, it is important to repeat step 5, followed by step 6. This is due to possible heat build-up.

Step 7 | Rest & Hydration
Before repeating the procedure, sufficient rest should be provided.

For example, take a seat in the lounge area to warm up. Very important: make sure you get enough fluid by drinking something.