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Pregnancy and visit Spa 1001


Pregnancy benefits
In the Turkish steam room you lose a lot of fluid, which helps to get rid of some built-up fluid.
During pregnancy, a woman’s heart has to work harder because it has to pump more blood to the uterus as the baby grows. A visit to the sauna is recommended to improve blood circulation.
It is also good to get enough rest and avoid stress. Thinking about yourself is thinking about your baby.

Recommended period
Planning a baby shower is not recommended in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy
due to the first symptoms of pregnancy that may still be present.
It is also not recommended to visit a spa during the last 4 – 6 weeks. This is because there is already some access
could increase the risk of contracting an infection.

The Finnish sauna is generally not recommended due to the high temperature.

Therefore, organize a spa visit or baby shower between weeks 14 and 32 of pregnancy.

PLEASE NOTE: Every pregnancy is different. We therefore advise you to contact your midwife or GP for personal advice (particularly focused on the Finnish sauna and the end weeks of pregnancy). It is also important that you listen carefully to your body.