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IMPORTANT: Pregnant and visit Spa 1001

Pregnancy Benefits
Organizing a baby shower at Spa 1001 has many advantages for the future mother.

For example, a lot of moisture is lost in the Turkish steam cabin, which prevents too much moisture from being retained during pregnancy.
During pregnancy, the woman’s heart has to work harder because as the baby grows, it has to pump more blood to the uterus. A visit to the steam room is recommended to improve circulation.
It is also good to take enough rest and avoid stress.
Thinking of yourself is thinking of your baby.

The future mother can relax wonderfully and it brings health benefits!

When and when not?
Planning the spa visit is not recommended during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy
because of the first pregnancy ailments that may still be present.
It is also not recommended to visit a spa for the last 4 – 6 weeks. This is because there is already some opening
may increase the chance of getting an infection.

Therefore, organize the baby shower between 14–32 weeks of pregnancy.

NOTE: Every pregnancy is different. We therefore advise you to contact your general practitioner or midwife for personal advice (especially with regard to the Finnish sauna and the end weeks of pregnancy). It is also important that you listen carefully to your body.