Spa 1001 has a spacious jacuzzi : a heated bubble bath with a temperature around 38 ° C. A relaxing effect is created by water jets, air bubbles and light therapy.

The temperature is set via an internal heating element. The heat will sweat the body, which allows the body to eliminate toxic substances more easily.

Heat also causes your heart to pump faster. When the heart rate accelerates, blood circulation is improved and the muscles are supplied with more oxygen and nutrients. This allows body cells and muscles to recover faster from possible injuries and new cells are made more easily

The Spa 1001 jacuzzi is suitable for sensitive skin. The bath is filled with a pure vegetable oil. This oil contains natural vitamin E that provides intensive care to the skin. This unique composition with soothing calendula and avocado oil also restores the fat and moisture balance of the skin.
Because of this mild ingredient composition the bath is also suitable for the extra dry and sensitive skin.

After each spa visit the jacuzzi is thoroughly cleaned and refilled.

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