Finnish sauna

The temperature in the Finnish sauna is between 80-120 °C.
These are high temperatures that make you sweat quickly and the frequency of the radiant heat will be able to reach the underlying muscles through the skin.
Because the body temperature increases, the blood pressure will decrease. Therefore it is important to drink enough water.

Recommended minutes in the sauna
Our bodies will slowly rise in temperature.
Never sit or lie longer than your body can handle. This varies per person and depends on the amount of perspiration,
body weight, sauna- and sport experience, and also your hormones.
We recommend a minimum of 8 minutes for a good effect up to a maximum of 15 minutes.
Some sauna enthusiasts can responsibly enjoy 20 minutes.

On average, the time is 12 minutes.

After your sauna use, it is strongly recommended to take a cold shower and check your breathing.
Afterwards you can visit the steam room with starry night lights, the hot foot bath and bubbelbad .
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